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Opportunity Zone

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Opportunity Zones

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Opportunity Zones are a way for investors to severely reduce current and future capital gains taxes.

Sherwood Funds creates investment opportunities for passive investors to reduce and defer capital gains from recent asset sales as well as eliminate future capital gains on their real estate investment. Based on reasonable return and tax assumptions, using opportunity zone tax law properly can allow investors to get a 50% higher after tax rate of return on their investments with Sherwood Funds than typical real estate investments.

Investment Strategy

Sherwood Funds acquires and develops real estate in New York City and Los Angeles through its construction management affiliates in each region. Deal Criteria are usually as follows:

  • $2m - $20m total acquisition and improvement cost

  • 25% or greater project margin

  • Located in a Qualified Opportunity Zone

  • “As of Right” zoning

  • Multifamily or Mixed Use

  • Urban Infill


Sherwood Funds uses its own capital and external investment from Limited Partners for the equity in its projects.

Management Bio

Blake Woodard is the Portfolio Manager of Sherwood Funds. His background was in distressed real estate assets and distressed debt before working as a portfolio manager in quantitative trading. His trading track record gave him the opportunity to teach a graduate seminar at UC Berkeley in Quantitative Finance. He reentered real estate development to get back to his passion of working directly with assets and positively influencing their outcome rather than just being along for the ride.


Blake Woodard is a health nut and is involved as an investor in the health and wellness vertical.